Good afternoon USD 329 families,

I apologize for the delay, as we have been in our year five accreditation visit from the state.  Yesterday, a JrHs student made a threat during an emotional moment that other students on the bus heard.  This was not reported to any adult in the district until a student, who had heard about the threat secondhand from another student, came home from school at the end of the day and reported it to their parent.  Since schools had already been dismissed for the day, the parent contacted the district office and reported the situation.  We responded immediately and partnered with the WabCo Sheriff's Dept to investigate into the late evening by interviewing student witnesses.

As you know, it was determined that no credible threat existed, but you received a notification last evening regarding the safety level of the district.  This is a follow-up to help everyone understand the details around the event that can be shared and the actions taken by USD 329 to ensure the safety of all.  WIBW has reported the story publicly, which can be found at this link.

Unfortunately, tragic incidents like the one in Nashville on Monday seem increasingly more frequent each year.  We take all threats seriously and will respond to any threat to the safety of the students and staff that attend USD 329 schools the moment we receive such a report.  Parents:  Continue to remind your students that they should say something to an adult when they hear something or see something.  It can make a difference. 

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns I can address.  Be safe.

Troy Pitsch, PhD
Superintendent of Schools
USD 329-Wabaunsee
(785) 765-3394
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