Wabaunsee Elementary School FAQS - LINK to letter

April 17, 2023
Common questions about the transition to one Wabaunsee Elementary School.
We have received a lot of questions about how things will look next year. I am
providing answers to some of the most common questions being asked. Don’t hesitate
to send me any other questions. It helps me get the needed information out and
identify potential issues to be addressed.
Thank you,
Robert Schawo

Transportation questions:
Where will bus-riding students be picked up and dropped off?
● The plan is to pick up students at their houses or a nearby corner near multiple
families. We don’t want kids having to stand around waiting outside for a bus. Once
we know what families are coming to WES, exact routes will be set.
Will older kids be riding with the youngest kids?
● PreK bus at Maple Hill will be separate from other buses to drop off students at the
Paxico preK center.
● Elementary buses will have students up to 5th grade. Students in Jr. High and High School will ride a separate bus.

How long will my child be on the bus?
● Difficult to be precise until we know which families are attending WES next year
o The plan is to have the bus pick up students at Maple Hill about 20 – 25
minutes before school starts.
o If school starts at the same time as this year, students would be picked up
between 7:30-7:50 and return around 4 PM.
o The district is also looking at utilizing other school vehicles to pick up some
students out of town to reduce the time they ride the bus.
o Routes to and from school will be as direct as possible.

Other Questions:
Will there be a preschool at Paxico?
● Yes – a morning preschool class will be held in the modular that is part of the Jr.
High school in Paxico. This will run just like the preschool at Maple Hill Elementary
this year.
● The WES office will run the preschool at Paxico, so all contact and questions will be
through the WES secretaries and staff.
How will students get placed into classes for next year now that there will be two
classes for each grade?
● Classes will be balanced so they are both similarly represented using these primary
o An equal number of Students
o Academic level for Reading and Math
o Gender
o Behavior/ Social Emotional Concerns
o Teaching Methods

Is there enough room for all the classes at WES?

● Yes – with putting up some walls on the stage in the cafeteria, utilizing the modular
that is already on property for the preschool, and tearing down some walls where
the principal’s office is, we have enough classrooms for every grade level teacher.
One preK classroom, two classrooms for grades of K, 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5.
● PE will be in the old gym at the high school, as it has been at Alma Elementary, over
the years.
● Art, Special Education, Speech, Counselor, Library, and Social Worker, have spaces
● We are still working on where Music will be taught, and Title 1 services will be
● Two teachers want to co-teach a class of 3rd and a class of 4th graders next year in the same classroom, Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Mumpower. They have planned how this will work in detail, and the administration has approved them to teach together in

2023-2024. If my 3rd grade child is in the co-taught 3rd – 4th grade being explored by Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Mumpower, will they have to be in the same class next year?

● No, classes will be balanced each year using the criteria mentioned earlier.
● The content is still the same for all teachers of both grades, so students will move
on at the end of the year with the same knowledge base no matter which class they

Can parents request a teacher?
● Parent requests will be recorded and considered, but this does not guarantee
placement with the requested teacher.
● If making a request, send an email or call the school secretary, and it helps to give
your reasoning for the request.

Note: the staff is truly amazing at both schools. That is why our district does so much
better than the other districts around us. The students will get the same quality
education with the same standards no matter their class.

Will students still do centers daily as they do at Maple Hill Elementary?
● All students will get small group instruction at their level during. Some teachers will
do that tiered teaching in groups within their room. Some teachers may group and
share kids of different classes and have them travel like they currently do at MHES
during the centers time.

What is the condition of the current WES building?
● WES is in very good condition with no major repairs needed.
Explain when students move from building to building. Is weather a factor, and/or do
they have to cross a street?
● When students go from the elementary buildings to the gymnasium at the high
school, there is one street that is closed off the entire school day. They are also
escorted by a staff member each time. If the weather is bad, they will wear
cold-weather clothing.
● The distance from the main building to the annex is about 20 feet.
● The distance between the PreK modular and the main building is about 50 feet.
Will students in both classes of the same grade have time to see each other?
● Grades share the same recess & lunch. They will see other kids in the same grade
during these times.
● Additionally, grades share the same Music and PE times, and those classes often
combine lessons with the entire grade at one time.

How is the gym shared with the high school?
● The high school uses the new gym for high school classes. Elementary classes are
the only ones using the older gym during the school day.