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USD 329 is scheduling screenings for children eligible for preschool for the 2024-2025 school year. Children may be eligible as early as 3 years old. Please see the attachment for additional information about the 2 preschool programs available in USD 329, and share it with any families that may have eligible children. 

Screenings for the Early Childhood At Risk/Universal 3 & 4 Year Old Program are being held on Friday, April 19 and Friday, April 26 at both Paxico and Wabaunsee (Alma) Elementary Schools. Families interested in this program should contact Wabaunsee Elementary at 785-765-3349 to schedule a screening. The Early Childhood At Risk/Universal Preschool Program will be offered in the morning and in the afternoon. The morning session will be at Paxico and the afternoon session will be at Alma.

Screenings for the Early Childhood Special Education Program will be held on March 22 and in August. Families interested in this program should contact the USD 320 Wamego Special Services Cooperative (785-456-9195) to schedule a screening time. Peer model slots are available.  To be considered for a peer model, children must be screened. (Please note: While USD 329 works with USD 320 for services, students attend preschool at the USD 329 buildings.)

Screenings are scheduled for 30 minute sessions. Also, if your child is already attending the USD 329 Preschool Program and plans to attend again next year, he/she will not need to participate in the screening.

For more detailed information see this LINK.

Thank you!

Lucy Burdiek, Universal/At-Risk Preschool Teacher

Michelle Stuhlstatz, Early Childhood Special Education Teacher