The effective American secondary school must support both an academic program and an activities program. We believe that these programs must do more than merely coexist-they must be integrated and support each other in “different” arenas. The concept of “sportsmanship” must be taught, modeled, expected and reinforced in the classroom and in all competitive activities. Therefore, all Kansas State High School Activities Association members stand together in support of the following sportsmanship policy.


Activities are an important aspect of the total education process in the American schools. They provide an arena for participants to grow, to excel, to understand and to value the concepts of SPORTSMANSHIP and teamwork. They are an opportunity for coaches and school staff to teach and model SPORTSMANSHIP, to build school pride, and to increase student/community involvement; this ultimately translates into improved academic performance. Activities are also an opportunity for the community to demonstrate its support for the participants and the school, and to model the concepts of SPORTSMANSHIP for our youth as respected representatives of society. Sportsmanship is good citizenship in action!

Art. 1: SPORTSMANSHIP is a general way of thinking and behaving. The following sportsmanship policy items are listed below for clarification:

  • Be courteous to all (participants, coaches, officials, staff and fans).

  • Know the rules, abide by and respect the official’s decisions.

  • Win with character and lose with dignity.

  • Display appreciation for good performance regardless of the team.

  • Exercise self-control and reflect positively upon yourself, team and school.

  • Permit only positive sportsmanlike behavior to reflect on your school or its activities.


Any participant (player, coach, spectator) who is ejected for making contact with an official, who is ejected for unsporting behavior directed toward an official, or who negatively confronts an official following a contest, shall be subject to a non-appealable suspension from the next contest at that level and for all contests at any level (in that activity) until the suspension has been served. Local school leadership may levy additional sanctions as they deem appropriate. The KSHSAA staff reviews all ejection reports.

Adopted KSHSAA Executive Board, June 2021; Amended November 2021