Wabaunsee County Schools CLOSING due to COVID-19

Please see the local health department's press release regarding school closing till March 30th-this includes all district buildings/facilities** other than essential school operational personnel/facilities.  Even though we don't have a confirmed COVID-19 case in Wabaunsee County we are mitigating risks through aggressive social isolation.  In other words, please stay at home when sick and limit your exposure.  
**Please note that this includes the weight room & gym at the High School.  Weight Room Membership Key Cards will be deactivated during this time.


After meeting with the Superintendents of USD 329 and USD 330. Listening and discussing, options, concerns and impact on both school districts and their families. The safety of the students and community has to come first. 

We understand that we do not have any COVID-19 cases in our county and surrounding area. But with the travel of families and students during Spring break. We must take every precaution for students, staff and the community. 

Ray Finley Wabaunsee County Health Administrator has made the decision to CLOSE both school districts in Wabaunsee County for two weeks, until March 30th. This includes all activities and athletic events. 

We will continue to monitor the situation during this time frame to make any further determination, of whether any more actions are needed.

Again this decision was made in the best interest and safety of the students, staff, families and community. This was not an easy decision to make, knowing that it will create some hardships to some families. But will benefit all families, along with the community as a whole, in the long run. 

While this decision was made solely due to COVID-19. The Health department does want to remind the public, we still have seasonal influenza shots available. 

KDHE has been contacted and have no objections to our decision. 

To stay updated on KDHE’s recommendations and guidelines to help protect your families, please refer to KDHE’s COVID-19 website listed.


Ray Finley

Wabaunsee County Health Department Administrator --