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At: Wabaunsee (Regional)  Date: 10-20-2018       Weather: Nice


Place and Record: 6th, 3-5
Season Record: 18-21


Kyndal Maike             21st      24:21

Madelyn Hutley         30th      25:06

Sierra Quathamer        36th      25:31

Kimi Buchanan           47th      26:31

Jessica Vanstory         52nd     26:45

Cecelia Emmert           56th      27:23  

Ashlyn Dugger            62nd     28:19


Place and Record: 2nd, 9-1

Season Record: 48-4


Luke Stuhlsatz                        8th        18:52

Alex Warner                10th      18:59

Eli Mumpower           12th      19:11

Bryce Tharman           14th      19:19

Isaac Lira                     31st      20:21

Austin Henderson       34th      20:33

Sean Dugger                56th      21:59

Comments:    Thank you to everyone who helped at the meet!  We got lots of compliments and it was due to your work, hopefully we will be able to host a Regional again in the future.  Thank you also to everyone who came out to cheer us on!  Your support really helps us through the races.

            Our boys qualified for State for the 2nd year in a row!  We were just 5 points behind Northern Heights, a team we’ve battled close all year long.  We’ll see if we can beat them one more time next week at Wamego.  Our girls team came up short, but we’ve made great progress from last year.  Looking ahead we should be continuing to improve over the next few years.

            The State Meet is at Wamego on Saturday, October 27.  The boys race is at 10:00 AM, come on over and cheer us on!