One of the issues facing our students today is the use of E-cigarettes, often referred to as vaping. This email is to inform you of conversations the staff and I have had with all students regarding the law, expectations, school policy, training rules, and procedures associated with this activity while at school or participating in school events. In order to facilitate a healthy educational environment, at no time are students permitted to possess or use tobacco or simulated products (E-cigarettes, etc.) on the WHS (or district) school grounds or in the building(s). The use or possession of tobacco or simulated products is also prohibited while in attendance at any school-sponsored activities regardless of the location of the activity.

All infractions of the Wabaunsee High School USD 329 Tobacco Policy will be subject to implementation of the school district policy, and may be reported to the Wabaunsee County Sheriff's Department for further action.

We have covered our specific policy with students in regard to tobacco and e-cigarette/vaping substances as stated in the handbook, which outlines that using or being in possession of these devices or their accessories on school property is prohibited for all students with the following consequences, applying to school and school-sponsored activities:

  • First Offense:  One (1) up to three (3) days out-of-school suspension, contingent upon situation.
  • Second Offense:  Up to five (5) days out-of-school suspension, contingent upon situation.
  • Subsequent Offense:  Five (5) days out-of-school suspension and recommendation for long-term suspension or expulsion, contingent upon situation.

The staff and I are asking parents/guardians to talk with their students about the dangers of tobacco and simulated tobacco (E-cigarettes, vaping, etc.) use, and reiterate school policy and expectations to them. Attached you will find an informational handout from the Centers for Disease Control that may guide you in doing so. Handout in PDF

Thank you,

Jan Hutley
Wabaunsee High School
USD 329 Wabaunsee